Bucks Cruises Sydney Harbour

What if there was a cruise ship that can take you and your mates out on the open sea and stop at a few ports for drinking? Bucks cruises Sydney harbour has just that. One of the buck’s cruises is the booze cruise, which takes pub crawl to another level. You herd your mates on the boat and basically hit the pubs, all without worrying about a police car nearby. It gives a safer and fun way of getting the party on with your blokes. The booze cruise can stop at other ports to get a beer at local pubs and back on the cruise you and your mates go.

The booze cruise can be more as part of the Bucks cruises Sydney harbour. Poker can be added, or even sexy aussie lasses can be clad in nothing more than lingerie for entertainment purposes. This can lead into moving the event into a stripper cruise, you and your mates will have your own floating club of strippers. Your best bloke will thank you because this is the best time he will ever experience before walking down the aisle to his new matrimony. If your mate likes playing cards, drinking and gorgeous ladies, the stripper cruise is a perfect choice.

If you and your mates want to increase your competitive edge, the poker cruise is one of the best options from the Bucks cruises Sydney harbour. The poker cruise is a three hour poker tournament with unlimited drinks and a delicious buffet. Your beautiful dealer is a lady that will be wearing nearly her birthday suit and cheering you on to win. You and your mates don’t need to get married to enjoy any of these cruises, having a rage is the best reason to book one of the cruises.

If a day event is requested, ask about the laser shooting cruise with Bucks cruises Sydney harbour. The package will include wine, beer and soft drinks, a BBQ lunch and a laser shooting instruction from a beautiful and sexily dressed woman. You can even treat the man of honour by providing a private R rated strip show once he wins the laser shooting clay contest. These cruises provide a lot of options for food and hitting the drinks. Be sure to shove a little pocket change in your bloke’s pocket so he enjoys the girl that will give him the show of a lifetime.