Bucks Cruises

Bring your sun shades for an afternoon cruise with Bucks cruises. The afternoon cruise brings you and mates together with the house DJ to listen to. There is plenty of room to spread out on the two levels, two open deck boat. Take your mate to the second deck to enjoy the open sea and the sound system. Your bloke will be in your favour as he turns and is greeted by a gorgeous gal dressed in lingerie presenting to him a drink included in the package. Enjoy the view outside and inside of the boat during the afternoon cruise.

Once hunger comes, the afternoon portion of the Bucks cruises provides a tasty and filling BBQ, salads and bread rolls. Your gorgeous waitresses will provide you this food and drink. Be sure to pack some extra spending money to tip your servers for their unique and beautiful presentation. You will never see waitresses in a local pub the way you will on the cruise. This is an excellent choice that can lead to a fulfilling evening for the stag party for your best mate. Impress with the cruise options and provide him a private R rated show for more fun.

The afternoon Bucks cruises run around $139 per head and runs for three hours around the harbour. There’s a minimum of 10 mates for the afternoon cruise and the cruise comes with unlimited spirits, beer and wine. Leave the little ones at home, as the cruise calls for all mates to be over 18 years and older, bring your identification for review by the staff. Have a good time and no upsetting the skipper! Come to enjoy a party during the day and even chat up a beautiful girl if you want to sunbathe. The options are many for you and your mates.

If you want drinks, food and beautiful, barely dressed women Bucks cruises is for you. In waiting for a strip show, never feel uncomfortable, as the lasses provide gorgeous smiles and take your drink order. The bottom of entertainment starts and ends with these cruises. You get the events of buck events, the drinks, food and the beautiful girls, but you also get the privacy of the open water on a cruise ship of boisterous, good fun. Fully secure, fully committed and fully dedicated to you and your mates and the satisfying ending your best bloke deserves.