Sydney’s Best Bucks Party Cruises

In search of the best choices for a buck’s night, we at Sydney’s best Bucks party cruises offer you the selection to please every want and need. There are several different cruises for a stag night, day and recovery choice. Each has a minimum of mates to be listed, so be sure you check them out to determine the minimum amount of blokes to get the party started. In booking one of the cruises, you don’t feel like the herder, forcing all mates to get down to the ole pub. Instead, your mates will come running, excitedly.

There is the night cruise as one of Sydney’s best Bucks party cruises with lingerie clad waitresses. Instead of being limited to one pub room filled with drunken strangers, you and your mates will have two full decks to roam. As the mates board, any strangers will be removed by security. Once aboard the ship, food and drink are provided on an unlimited basis. The night cruise brings R rated strip shows and the best music to enjoy watching the lovelies bring you and your mates alive. If the soon to be married bloke can’t make the night cruise, no worries! There is a day cruise with the same entertainment and events!

The exclusive cruise is worth noting as another one of Sydney’s best Bucks party cruises. The exclusion level allows selective invitations to specific guests and you can set up an appointment with the cruise team for specifics. The entertainment is more exclusive as the girls will provide strip shows for the invitation only guests. The cruise staff works with you to make this a very private affair and your best bloke will be satisfied with the results. The exclusive cruise keeps the noisy mates from knowing too much detail to avoid ruining the surprise for your best mate.

Sydney’s best Bucks party cruises has the recovery party cruise which can be booked once your bloke and his fiancée finish their separate parties. The recovery cruises invites the blokes and their ladies aboard. The group can cruise the harbour for three hours and walk or dance around the two levels and two open decks. Reduced costs on the beers, wine and spirits and the girls can dance or sunbathe. The recovery party is more relaxing and offers a delicious barbecue to share with everyone you want to bring on board. The selection of cruises allow for several types of events. Be sure to contact the cruise staff to set a date.